Family faces

2D solid milk chocolate egg shaped faces with detailed eyes.

Each piece weighs about 5g and measures approx 35mm long.

Family set is presented on card in a clear bag.


Jewellery pieces

Chocolate jewellery pieces with crisp pearl and chocolate ‘grain’ trims.

An assortment of jewel cuts available as red, green and pearl colours in white chocolate with milk and 53% dark chocolate only available in dusted colours.

Presented in clear pack.



Lobster Platter

Chocolate Lobster sits in dusted white chocolate salad leaf on a plate with cellophane wrap. Leaf shapes vary between pieces. Lobster available in either milk or dark   chocolate

Only available by advance order for pick up. Not suitable for posting.


Family Tree

A keen interest in family history was the basis for this sculptured  birthday piece.

The name of each member of the family branch was piped onto a moulded chocolate gum leaf. The all chocolate piece was finished with gum blossoms and dusted ’80’ numerals


Chocolate and Praline Selection


Chai Tea Infusion

Yellow coloured milk shell with ganache centre of infused Cardamon, Clove & Cinnamon flavours dependant on infusion composition.  4 week shelf life



Soft caramel filling made in-house in either milk or dark shell dusted with gold metallic dust

4 week shelf life



Coffee Ganache 

Ganache centre infused with fresh locally roasted coffee beans. Available  in white, milk or dark shell with contrast stripe.

4 week shelf life


Classic Ganache

Rich dark centre dipped in either milk or dark chocolate with two tone striped plaque top.

6 week shelf life



Classic Ganache

Rich dark centre,  70% dark dipped with green & white striped plaque top.

6 week shelf life



Hazelnut Praline

Crunchy wafer and soft hazelnut praline centre dipped in either milk or dark chocolate with design decoration..

3 month shelf life – available now with different design finish



Gianduja Cup

Milk or dark chocolate cups filled with smooth milk praline,  topped with dusted/ dipped roasted hazelnut and piped dark chocolate leaf decoration.

Long shelf life – available now


Raspberry ganache

Ganache centre of raspberry puree and mixed chocolates in either milk or dark dusted shells.

2 week shelf life



Rum Raisin

Rum soaked raisin in the centre of caramel ganache. available in either milk or dark shell.

9 week shelf life – available now


Red Praline Hearts

Pernod & Star Anise

Tendre Praline

Coconut Ganache

Mendiant Praline

Lime Ganache

Aniseed Ganache

Chilli Ganache

Floral display

Mounted on a gold foil board for ease of handling, this floral piece is made of white, milk and 53% dark Belgian chocolate. Standing at just over 400mm tall and weighing approximately 2.4kg, the piece is totally edible.