Rose Pack

rose pack Solid 2 -Dimensional roses are available in white chocolate with pearl, pink dusting or red finish. Both milk and dark chocolate options are available with pink/purple dusting. Each clear pillow package weighs approximately 30 g.







Coloured Hens available in white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate.

3D hollow pieces are individually coloured, measuring about 70mm(h) x 80mm(l) x 60mm(w)

Each weighs approx. 50g

Packed in a tagged clear bag.


Fashion pack

fashion pack

Solid  shoe, fan and handbag sets are available  in white, milk or dark chocolate. Pieces are dusted in fashionable metallic colour combinations and presented in clear pillow packs. Pack weighs approximately 25g



Mini High Heel Shoes

Miniature High Heel Shoes.

Available in either white, milk or dark chocolate. The shoes are made in one piece, 85 mm in length with a variety of dusting colour options.

Single shoe is presented in a clear ‘pillow’ box.

 Plain shoe, no trim

Shoe with front trim


A matching pair is available by order only, Presented in a clear box on a patterned chocolate base, these are delicate items not suitable for mail order.


Lady Birds

Ladybirds are solid milk chocolate in dark coated domes, with red chocolate paste ‘wings’,Crisp pearl eyes and finished with dark chocolate piped trim and individually packaged.





  • Robots are available in either white, milk or dark (54%) chocolate with dusted features in various colours.
  • Each solid piece weighs 18g and stands 50mm tall.
  • Presented in clear, tagged packaging.




  • This small dog stands 75mm tall
  • 3D-hollow, approx. 30g
  • Available in white, milk or dark chocolate with contrast features.
  • Presented in clear box.



Coloured Pencils


Solid chocolate pencil measures approximately 115 mm (l) x 10 mm (w) and weighs 20g.

Colour options vary, but may include red, yellow, blue,  green, orange, black or dusted metallic pink, gold on white, milk or dark chocolate.




Family faces

2D solid milk chocolate egg shaped faces with detailed eyes.

Each piece weighs about 5g and measures approx 35mm long.

Family set is presented on card in a clear bag.