Chocolate Heart box

When you’ve finished eating the 6 dusted solid hearts inside, start eating the actual chocolate presentation box which is 100mm wide. Available in either white, milk or 54% dark chocolate.

Weighs approximately 130g. Presented in clear box with ribbon trim.

Chocolate Jewel box

Small dusted heart shaped box in either white, milk or 53% dark chocolate holds a unique hand crafted  chocolate ring or brooch (fixed to base). These entirely edible pieces measure 80mm across and have either a red, green, purple or pearl coloured chocolate jewel with crisp pearl trim. Boxed piece is approximately 80g.

                                                                                     Price:  $20.00 each

Please contact to arrange for customised piece with removable ring. From $30.00

Piped heart

Dusted individual piped hearts available in white, milk or 54% dark chocolate are approximately 80mm wide.

Presented in a clear box with colour co-ordination for your occasion. Thank-you notes or ‘messages from the heart’ can also be sealed inside to personalize your gift.

                                    Please contact  for Wedding/Occasion pricing.

With advance order, these hearts are also available as chocolate boxes, holding 2 pieces from available selection.   

High Heel Shoe with Chocolates

High Heel Shoe with 3 chocolates from current selection.

Available in either white, milk or dark chocolate. The shoe is made in one piece, 125 mm in length with a variety of dusting colour options.

Single shoe with chocolates is presented in a clear  box.

Available by order only. This item is not suitable for mail order.

Australia Bar

AustralianaThis intricate milk chocolate bar is one solid piece, approximately 100g. Cockatoo, Kangaroo, Koalas and Platypus in dusted relief with white and dark chocolate trim.

Presented in clear box on blue card backing.


Gift boxed chocolates

Contents from available Chocolate & Praline stock

Gift boxed in white presentation box with clear lid, gold cord trim and tag.

Christmas gift boxes finished with satin Christmas ribbon and tag.

Box/4  (2×2)          Price: $ 9.50 each

Box/6 (left)            Price : $15.00 each

Box/12 (6×2)        Price : $28.50 each

Larger gift boxes available by request.